The Siberian cat is a medium to medium large, strong cat that hails from a very unforgiving climate - Siberia. They first appeared in recorded history around the year 1,000. According to folklore these magnificent animals made their homes in Russian monasteries, where they would walk along the high beams as look outs for intruders. The overall appearance should be one of strength, and force with an excellent physical condition and alertness, with a sweet facial expression.

Siberian cats are extremely slow to mature, taking as long as five years, which is the reason they remain "kitten-like" for so long. The general impression is one of roundness and circles, rather than rectangles and triangles. The Siberian breed of cats has a very dog like temperament and they are very affectionate. They are very intelligent, gentle and very quick learners.

The Siberian makes the most ideal lap cat and will live quite happily indoors with you. They will be your best friends!


A few breeds claim to be Hypoallergenic. Studies show that Siberians cats seem to produce less Fel d 1 protein than other cats. Fel d 1 is the main irritant and cause of allergies from cats. Some allergy sufferers with extreme allergic reactions to cats have reported no symptoms at all even when surrounded by many Siberians. 

Siberian Beauty Cattery provides allergy tests for clients interested in hypoallergenic cats. You can spend one hour in the visitors room of our cattery with one of our beautiful Siberian cats for a fee of $30. This fee is deducted from the waiting list deposit if you choose to be added to the waiting list.  


We require a non-refundable fifty dollar ($50.00) deposit to be placed on our waiting list. When the litter is born and the kittens reach four weeks of age, you will select the one you want to be part of your life for years of love and affection. The first person on the waiting list will have first pick of the litter (after the owner/breeder should we decide to keep a kitten); second person on the list, second pick; etc. You may choose to wait for another litter without losing your place on the waiting list. Once you make your selection, we require an additional two hundred ($200.00) deposit. Both deposits are applied toward the price of the kitten. We accept cash, money orders, Paypal and Venmo. For deposits, personal checks are ok.


We accept cash, money orders, Paypal and Venmo. Please note, we do not accept personal checks for the payment of your kitten. You will need to bring cash or a money order when you come to pick up your kitten. Our Siberian kittens are sold with altering agreement. Written sales contract and genetic health guarantee. Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. Thank you.


Your kitten will receive a wellness exam from our veterinarian, fecal test to ensure he/she is free from intestinal parasites, and necessary shots at eight weeks of age. In addition, he/she will get a second set of vaccinations if still with us when due. Your kitten is an inside cat; therefore, unless you have other pets that go outside, inoculations can be kept to a minimum. Your kitten will be ready to go home at about ten to twelve weeks of age; it varies as to when each kitten is ready to leave its mother and siblings. We will keep you up-to-date with weekly emails and photos as you anxiously await his/her arrival.


We do not ship our kittens. All kittens must be picked up at Siberian Beauty Cattery location.


Your Siberian Cat will NEVER be declawed. We believe declawing is a cruel, painful, and debilitating surgery that will adversely impact your kitten's personality.

To learn more about this, go to this link:

This site has numerous articles describing the declawing procedure in detail; some of the articles have expired, so be patient and read those that are still there.  If you keep their claws trimmed, they become toenails and harmless. Cats are very smart animals. Teaching them to use scratching posts and boards is very easy. Removing the first knuckle on their toes is not the answer.


There will be a written contract between Siberian Beauty and you that requires you to have your kitten spayed/neutered when they achieve the proper age (6 to 8 months). Your kitten will be registered with The International Cat Association (TICA); however, your registration papers that verify your cat is a pure Siberian will not be mailed to you until Siberian Beauty receives verification from a licensed veterinarian that your kitten has been spayed/neutered. This is done to protect the natural breed of the Siberian. 

If you have any questions about Siberian Cats or the purchasing process please email us at


“Siberian Beauty” is registered with TICA & CFA. Siberian Beauty®